Privacy Policy


By using and the Digipulse service information and data about You may be collected, stored, used or disclosed, in ways as described in this Privacy Policy. We ensure that all Your personal information and data You store on Digipulse is kept safe and handled securely. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to using Digipulse.

Digipulse operates with the following types of Your data:

1. Data You store in the Digipulse vault.

This data is encrypted using an end-to-end encryption method and is accessible only to You or the person You have selected as the recipient after the transfer and decryption conditions have been met. Digipulse has no access or the technical ability to gain access to this data at any time.

2. Your personal data that You provide us to be able to use Digipulse service.

This includes Your name, email address, birth date, and place of birth. This information is used to create an encryption key for Your files and to contact You regarding Your use of Digipulse. Information about your address is used to prepare an Invoice for services rendered if You choose to pay for Digipulse using a credit card.

3. Data about the designated recipient of Your vault content.

This includes the name and email address, or any other contact information about a third party You have specified as the recipient of Your vault content once the transfer conditions have been met. You are responsible for the data You provide and we operate with this data only based on Your legitimate interests of being able to transfer the vault contents to this person. Please see Terms of Service for more information.

4. Data about Your integrations with third party connected services, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

By adding data about a third party service that supports API integration we may receive log information about You from this service about Your online activity. The data we may receive will be subject to the privacy settings that You have set with the added third party service.

5. Activity tracking on our website.

We may collect the following types of data from Your visit to our website:

  • Device Information, such as information about the computer or mobile device You use to access our website, including the operating system and version, the web browser You use, and other device identifiers.
  • Information collected by cookies. We use various technologies to collect information when You interact with our website, such as cookies. Cookies are small data files that are stored on Your device when You visit a website, which enable us to collect information about Your device identifiers, IP address, web browsers used to access the website, pages or features viewed, time spent on pages and links clicked. For more information about cookies, as well as information about what kind of cookies are stored on Your device and how You can manage or delete them, please visit


How Your data is being used

The data we receive and collect is being used to provide You with the Digipulse service. We may use this data to maintain, develop and improve Digipulse service. Some of Your data is used to improve Your user experience while visiting

We may use Your data to contact You regarding Your use of Digipulse, respond to communication from You, offer You support or communicate with You about news, products, services or other information that might be of interest to You.

Data from the third party services You have added is used to determine the transfer conditions of Your vault contents.

The data about the person You have specified as the recipient of Your vault is used solely for contacting this person if the transfer conditions of Your vault have been met.

The data we receive from third party services is used to analyse Your online activity and to determine the transfer conditions of Your vault. This data may be used in a non identifiable (pseudonymised) form to analyze, evaluate and improve our vault transfer determination algorithm.

The data we collect about the use of our website is used to monitor and analyze usage activity in order to provide You and other visitors with a better user experience.

Your data will not be shared with any third parties unless in situations stated in this Privacy Policy.

Sharing of data

An integral part of the Digipulse is the ability to share Your vault content with a designated third party recipient. Digipulse will provide the person You have indicated with the ability of to access the Your data based on the transfer conditions You have set up. Please make sure the information about person You have selected is accurate and correct, and the transfer conditions correspond with Your intent to share Your data with the specified person.

In an event of a merger, acquisition or asset sale, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information and give all users a notice before any personal information is transferred to another business entity or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

We may share Your information in response to a reasonable request from a supervisory or any other legal authority if the disclosure is in accordance with, or required by, any applicable law, regulation or as a part of a legal process.

If You agree to use cookies according to this Privacy Policy, some of Your data may be shared with a trusted third party, such as Google according to their Privacy Policy.

Storing, amending and deleting Your data

All user data is stored and handled in an encrypted form using a AES-256-CBC encryption. A secure SSL connection is used for the transfer of all data between You and Digipulse.

Your data is being stored as long as You are subscribed to the Digipulse service. If Your subscription is cancelled, Your data is deleted. Some of the usage data may be anonymized and used for statistical purposes to improve the Digipulse service.

You may amend the information about Yourself at any time. If there is some information about You that is incorrect or false and You are not able to update or change it please contact

Changes to Policy Policy

Digipulse reserves the right to alter or modify this Privacy Policy upon necessity. If we make any substantial change to this Policy, users of Digipulse service will receive a (30) thirty day prior written notification in email with detailed description of any changes. Your privacy will not be reduced without Your consent and You may cancel Your subscription is You disagree with any of the changes prior to implementation. If You are concerned about how Your information is collected, stored, used or disclosed, You should periodically check back at this page.

Please contact Digipulse at for any additional information.