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100 MB of encrypted storage vault
'Pulse Network' integration
1 Vault per User

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Billed monhtly €8.99
10 GB of encrypted storage vault per vault
'Pulse Network' integration
5 Vaults per User

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Keep your Digital Assets Safe
API Integration with our 'Pulse Network'
Customisable solutions for account management

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Accepted Payment methods

  • Credit card (Visa & Mastercard)
  • DGPT tokens**



The payment is charged from the credit card added to Your Digipulse profile or DGPT token balance for each month of service (subscription period).*New users receive 30 day free Trial. The Trial period starts from the date a new account is created.

**By choosing to pay with DGPT tokens a 30% discount is applied. The fee for the subscription period is calculated in USD according to the last 30 day average price of the DGPT tokens on exchanges.

Payment with DGPT tokens/ token account balance
You may add DGPT tokens to Your account balance at any time. You will be charged at the end of the subscription period from the tokens added to your account.

You may cancel Your subscription at any time. You will not be refunded any subscription fees already paid.
If you believe you are entitled to receive a refund of any monies paid to Digipulse, please contact us at The refund method will depend upon the payment method.

If the charge from Your credit card or token balance at the end of the subscription period is unsuccessful due to insufficient funds or any other reason, Your account will be locked and You will be notified by email. Your data will be stored for two months from the date Your account has been locked. During the time Your account is locked, no user integrations or transfer conditions are being checked or executed. Your data will be deleted if no action is taken by You to resolve the payment issue within two months from the date Your account has been locked.

If You wish to renew Your account, You will be charged for the period the account has been locked. The billing period will be renewed from this date onward.

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