Become a Digipulse Affiliate

Join Digipulse affiliate program and earn commissions for each approved purchase.

What is Digipulse:

Digipulse is the world’s first inheritable digital storage. We aim to ensure that all digital and crypto asset holders can pass on their assets in an encrypted, automatized and anonymous way. No middlemen or third parties.

  • End-to-end file encryption By utilising client-side encryption, the assets stored by Digipulse can only be accessed by the user.
  • Inheritable vault A vault can be transferred to selected recipient(s) once Digipulse smart tools verify that the vault owner’s online activity has stopped.
  • Multiple integrations Any online service that has API integration can become an activity channel to monitor a user’s online activity. Custom vault access A vault’s decryption process is enabled by customisable security questions (that operate as a key) set up by the original user.

How does digipulse affiliate program work:

Digipulse affiliates can earn percentage of revenue on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to digipulse plans on the third party site.

Who is eligible for Digipulse affiliate program:

Digipulse affiliate program offers eligible affiliates, including blogs and other third party websites, the opportunity to earn commissions on qualifying sales for digipulse services. If you are a publisher, Youtube creator, or you have a website, then it is an easy way to monetize your content.

Join digipulse affiliate program and after verification process, you will be able to start earning right away!

How do commissions work:

Every initial qualified sale will grant 10% of revenue.

Minimum withdraw fee is USD 50.


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